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Western Pa. orders stage 2nd 'convent crawl' to introduce women to sisterhood

Western Pa. orders stage 2nd 'convent crawl' to introduce women to sisterhood

An Hour of Reflection On God’s Call for Women …

Please join us as we gather for an hour of prayer and reflection in discerning God’s call in our lives.  Am I being called to marriage or religious life? This evening is for single, Catholic women, ages 18-45.
We will gather for a period of reflective prayer and desserts afterward.

February 15, 2013
Ursuline Motherhouse 
3115 Lexington Road

Please RSVP To Carrie Williamson by February 13, 2013
Direct Line: 471-2121
Text: 502.593.7813

Presented By:
Archdiocese of Louisville Vocation Office


Come See and Serve Weekend

If you know someone you think may be interested in exploring her call to religious life, you will want to learn more about the Charity Federation – Come See and Serve Weekend coming up in September in New Orleans. During the weekend, the group will offer times for prayer, input, reflection and discussion regarding vocations to religious life. Nancy Gerth, SCN, will be part of the group facilitating the weekend. You may contact her for more information at or (502) 331-4516.

Charity Federation Rebuilding New Orleans Home

Vocation directors within the Charity Federation have gathered once again in New Orleans to rebuild homes affected by Hurricane Katrina. Each year, the vocation directors meet during the first week of January to help in the efforts to rebuild the beautiful, historic city.

Vocation directors from different congregations bring young adults with them to assist. This year, Sister of Charity of Nazareth Vocation Director Nancy Gerth brough Kaytee who is from Columbus Ohio (in yellow shirt). Pictured along with Sister Nancy and Kaytee are Sister Carol, a member of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati congregation, and the other young woman (in blue) is Cheyenne who is from New Jersey. This group of four have been working along with the Phoenix of New Orleans organization to rebuild the home of a 72 year old single woman. She had lived in the home, located in Midway, the inner-city of New Orleans, her entire life until is was virtually destroyed by the hurricane. She is one of three people still living in a FEMA-provided trailer in her neighborhood and is to be evicted in 20 days.

Sister Nancy and her group have spent their time making the home livable again. They have painted the interior of the home and laid laminate flooring. The group will continue its work in order to soon have the house ready to be lived in again.

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The Future of Charity is a group that has formed to build relationships among the younger, newer members of the Sisters of Charity Federation. As our congregations grow smaller, we recognize an exciting opportunity for collaboration! In August, our Future of Charity group gathered for the first time at the House of Charity in New Orleans, Louisiana. We spent time getting to know one another and dreaming about how we might journey together.  One idea that emerged was this blog. We are thrilled that it has taken shape, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Learn more about the Future of Charity group
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If these words describe who you are, we invite you to consider being a Sister of Charity of Nazareth. Navigate the menu below to find out more about our formation program.

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Am I called to be a Sister of Charity? Maybe so, if …
  • I feel called to grow in my relationship with God as a woman religious
  • prayer is an important part of my life
  • I want to live n a community of women with like values
  • I feel called to be of service to others
  • I desire to live a simple lifestyle
  • I am enriched by being with people of diverse backgrounds
  • love of God and love of others is what I am all about
Are you …
  • between the age of 18 and 45
  • Catholic and single
  • open to listening to God's call
  • able to serve and live in a variety of settings
  • interested in discerning your life as a woman religious

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